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We are a group of Quad drivers in mountains of the Taunus, near Frankfurt/Main. Because of having a lot of fun with our hobby, we decided to establish a Quad Club some years ago. Our experiences shall help the new Quad drivers as well as the experienced ones.

Our club shall support its members in many areas, as:

  • Joint excursions
  • Participate in Quad events
  • Testing of courses in many countries

The Quad Club is the first one in Germany, we are well organized and we are able to help with all kind of questions about quads and quad events and to support with spare parts and accessories.

The annual subscription is € 50,- per year (below 18 years only € 25,- per year)

The fees are mainly used for:

  • running costs and investments for the Quad Club
  • to maintain our home page
  • advertising in magazines and other media
  • events (like summer party, renting of cross courses etc.)
  • international contacts
  • several

Mike Dinges

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